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Badges has been fetched from this thread. However, further researches has been made to give you a complete list and accurate definition of the massive badges (as a whole).

True Helper badges - for being a Helper for x days

Give Feedback badges - for giving feedback x times to Helpers.

On Duty Badges - for being on-duty as a Helper for x minutes

Guide Kudos badges - earned x recommendations as Habbo Helper.

Get Help badges - you requested x help requests.

Helping Hands badges - for handling x help requests.

Tour Guide badges - for being on tour as a guide for x minutes.

Get a Tour badges - you spent x minutes on tour with one of the Helpers.

Information imprinted on this thread is 100% accurate, badges are being fetched from's server and badge titles & descriptions are fetched from too. Variable x represents unknown quantity or amount.
Posted on Fri, July 20 2012, 08:04 pm by Vineen08
Last updated on Fri, July 20 2012, 08:06 pm


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Is there an update for the badge levels ?
Posted on Fri, April 19 2013, 03:41 am by _eeF


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Nope, these are still current. The Habbo Helper project is dead/dying/inactive..
Posted on Fri, April 19 2013, 10:24 am by Gerben


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Thank you for this list of badges that I was looking there is little :)
Posted on Fri, April 19 2013, 01:16 pm by Mr.jimdu37


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Awesome work on that badge list... Always wanted to get a visual picture of all the badges available. Well Done.
Posted on Tue, April 23 2013, 07:30 am by Lay-Z