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shddup!'s Habbo
Hello there, habboHelpers. I'm shddup!, A personnel from this military. I came here to promote this military other than promote the room in habbo. Anyway let me start the Introduction.

U.S. Department of Defense is a military is created at January 14th, 2012 by This military has been setting the standards of excellence since it is created, it is currently one of the "REAL" militaries in habbo. (DOD) is owned by our respected Commanding Officer Controllable., and CO-owned by Sullivan1995. (DOD) has influenced a lot of habbos and striving to the very best to become one of the famous militaries in habbo. In this military, You will learn the traits of becoming a excellent and respectable personnel in (DOD). If you are interested in joining, Read the instructions below.

1) First, Change your motto to "Recruit"
2) Second, Change your uniform to our Recruit uniform as shown at the picture below.
3) Third, Click here to go to the group homeroom to join the badge, favourite it as well
4) Last but not least, Search on your navigator and go to the military. And, wait patiently for your training.

Well that's all I can say about U.S. Department of Defense, I really recommend you habbos to join. I see alot of potential in you and you will make a fine personnel in (DOD). Here is the screenshot below to show our HQ. I'll see you there!

Click here to go there

Regards by Staff Sergeant shddup!,
A Fellow Personnel in U.S. Department of Defense.

PS: HQ is re-designed into Christmas design.
Posted on Wed, November 28 2012, 06:11 pm by shddup!